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Pro SmokeStop™ Filter

Pro SmokeStop™ Filter

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Compatible with Pro M • Pro L • Pro XL


Protection against chemicals & odors

SmokeStop filters use high-porosity coconut carbon pellets to protect against harmful gaseous pollutants, removing airborne contaminants like chemicals and cleaners, volatile organic compounds (VOC), smog, exhaust, and smoke odors.


Genuine performance, superior quality

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Unlike generic look-a-likes, genuine Blueair replacement filters are specifically designed to maintain superior performance over time and ensures your warranty remains intact.


Replacement is easy

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When it's time to replace your filter (about every six months), start by unplugging your air purifier. Remove the air intake grate on the right-hand side to access the filter. Pull the tabs on either side of the used filter together to close it like a book and remove it. Insert a new filter, opening it like a book inside in the air purifier - the sides should snap into place. Replace the air intake grate and plug back in. Easy.



Less dense filters make the difference - Our unique HEPASilent™ filtration technology allows our filters to be less dense. Less dense filters require less air pressure— resulting in quieter and more energy efficient air purifiers.
Chemical removal put to the test - In chemical and gas removal testing, the Pro SmokeStop Filter removed over 92% of airborne Formaldehyde within one hour.

Remove allergens & germs - The filter layer helps to minimize the airborne particles that can trigger allergy symptoms, removing 99.97% of allergens like pollen, dust, mold spores, and pet dander with HEPASilent™ filtration technology.

Traps particles for good - The filter structure traps even the smallest particles and resists clogging to maintain maximum airflow.
6-month filter life - To maintain optimum performance, we recommend changing your filter about once every 6-months when used 24 hours a day.



Filter Type -

Thermally bonded polyolefin fibers free of chemicals and binders with activated carbon pellets in a polyethylene honeycomb envelope. Fiber shedding resistant.

Dimensions(HxWxD) - 349 x 205 x 90 mm

Product weight - 1kg

Recommended filter change - 6 months (4,380 hours)

Number of filters - 1




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